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New law in favor of animal protection

MARIGOT: From October 1, 2022, the certificate of commitment and knowledge will be mandatory for any paid or free transfer of pets. Valid for individuals and associations.

In accordance with the new law on the protection of pets against animal abuse (decree n°2022-1012 of July 18, 2022) promulgated on November 30, 2021, the Syndicat National des Professions du Chien et du Chat (SNCPP) provides a model form of certificate of commitment in accordance with the provisions of this decree that will allow everyone to serenely fulfill this obligation in case of adoption or sale of pets … even if it is always good to remember that it is preferable, especially on a territory where many stray dogs and cats are looking for a family, to choose adoption rather than purchase.

As of October 1, 2022, the certificate of commitment and knowledge will be mandatory for each transfer of a dog or a cat, whether it is for a fee or free of charge. This document can only be delivered by a person having an Attestation of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species (ACACED) delivered after a training by a center authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture with an essential update every 10 years or a Certificate of Ability for Pets (CCAD) with the ACACED update or any other diploma recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and / or National Education.

This measure has been put in place to avoid abandonment (by compulsive and unreflected purchase in the case of a paying transfer), and to become aware, even if it is obvious, that a dog or a cat is a personal as well as financial commitment. The same goes for an adoption, the physiological, behavioral and medical needs of the animal are not to be taken lightly, it is a commitment that each adopter must respect: saving an animal also means providing for its needs until the end of its life.

This decree is also intended to reduce the number of breeders/nurseries/sellers who are not in good standing with ACACED or equivalent and will not be able to legally have the commitment contract signed, this will reduce the number of ill-intentioned people buying dogs with the sole purpose of reproducing them and selling the puppies to generate money without having the qualifications, nor the reflection and conscience to do so. Before any free transfer (adoption) or paying (purchase), a veterinary certificate must be dated less than 3 months.the SNPCC has worked on a cat version and a dog version of the certificate of commitment and knowledge that are available to all professionals meeting the requirements of the law. We hope that the law will not slow down the adoption process in the country. Adopt, don’t shop.

Infos: https://snpcc.com

For specific information, please contact directly: snpcc@snpcc.com

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