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Support the animal cause by taking care of yourself

Last Saturday, the Collectif Animaux SXM organized its first yoga session on the beach of Orient Bay to raise awareness for the animal cause and to collect funds for the association.

Guided by Tania, a yoga teacher at Vitalita, who gave a voluntary class, the budding yogis installed their beach towel as a yoga mat on the sand, facing the sea. About ten participants practiced Yoga Karma for an hour, in French and English. The Collectif Animaux SXM, very active in the care of abandoned dogs on the island, offered participants a free donation to access the class. If a basic yoga class costs about 20 euros, each participant gives here what he wants or can and all donations go back to the association after the Yoga Karma session.

The choice of this practice resonates with the spirit of the association. Indeed, Yoga Karma also called “selfless action”, is an ancestral practice that aims at harmony between body and mind by awakening qualities essential to self-fulfillment such as altruism, benevolence, detachment, dedication, and humility. If there was a mantra for Yoga Karma, it would be “do your best”, and this is precisely the precept that the Collectif Animaux SXM has followed since its creation.

Due to the success of this first edition, the Yoga Karma classes for beginners will be held every second Saturday of the month at 5:15 pm on the beach of Orient Bay between Coco Beach and the KKO. The goal remains the same: to raise funds to help the association, whether it is a donation of money, a bag of dog food, or a dog toy. It is important to know that the cost of taking care of a dog, between identification, sterilization, passport, and medical expenses is on average 250 euros per animal. After the yoga session and is delighted with this new experience, the participants were free to ask all their questions to Elise and Camille, representatives of the Collectif Animaux SXM. The first edition of Yoga Karma Animaux raised 120€, two bags of kibble, and a good dose of positive vibes for everyone. As a bonus last Saturday, participants were able to cuddle two coconuts puppies available for adoption. The next meeting is set for August 13 at 5:15 pm on the beach of Orient Bay. Vx

Information: +33 7 85 69 75 32
Facebook: Collectif Animaux SXM

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