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Once upon a time in the Caribbean…

PHILIPSBURG: Thea Marti, a Ukrainian director, writer and producer, embark on a filmmaking journey in Saint Martin, involving local talents and featuring a friendly island as a set for a genre movie.

“The Furies” is a surreal story of three Caribbean women, who embody destructive powers of the universe and an eternal conflict between man and nature. This is a sequel of one of my previous films “The Fates”, shot in Rome, Italy in 2019.

The script is inspired by Aeschylus’ “Oresteia” and the characters of three Furies from Greek mythology – Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone. Alecto embodies endless anger of unceasing earthquake. Megaera personifies jealous rage of tsunami waters. Tisiphone represents vengeful destruction of hurricane winds. These goddesses came for Orestes, prince of Argos, to avenge a murder of his mother, queen Clytemnestra.

In her work she often chooses myths and legends as a narrative core and reinterpret them in a contemporary way using local particularities of a certain place. The main setting for “The Furies” is paradise-like environment of Saint Martin, with its turquoise water, bright skies and white sand beaches. Nevertheless, these beauties hide a lot of secrets and dramas invisible to a random tourist’s eye. There are stories of power, betrayal, greed, passion and danger that go far beyond a stereotypical image of a laid-back Caribbean Island. This is exactly what I was eager to explore in the short film with no dialogue, based mostly on action, music and visuals.

This surreal drama is a metaphor of our society with its hierarchy, political intrigues and games of power, where people’s destiny is at stake in a chess match between the ruling gods. Just like the current situation in Ukraine, my home country, which I decide to insert in my film in a very subtle manner, more as a subtext, than an actual claim.

On the other hand, Orestes and the Furies are the protagonists of a conflict between masculine and feminine, artificial and natural, intellect and emotions, material and spiritual. As an expected outcome in a patriarchal society, Orestes is acquitted by Athena, the goddess of strategy, wisdom and war. In my metacinematic interpretation, Athena in her human form is a film producer who has a decision-making power over an outcome of a movie about Orestes. Thus, it is her character who expresses my own personal believes that human spirit is unbreakable and everyone deserves a second chance.

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