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Desiree Climbing

PHILIPSBURG: Desiree, a fitness instructor on St. Maarten is attempting another climbing challenge. Her first attempt to reach the higher altitudes on Mount Everest was dashed by altitude sickness (it could be life threatening.)

Her challenge this time is an attempting to climb three high peaks in Peru with-in the same time frame she is in the country – Yanapaccha 17913ft; Pisco 8875ft; Chopicalqui 20847ft

Arriving in Peru Lima on the 3rd of May after arduous hours of training on St. Maarten/St. Martin Desiree then travelled on to Huaraz (3054 meters above sea level) on the 4th, arriving there after a 9 hour bus ride!

A short rest and it was time to undertake an acclimatization hike; some light hiking to get used to the altitude. Happily, she had no issues.

The main climbing began on May 9. She started her attempt to climb the three peaks. She has been told there is no internet coverage so for almost 3 weeks there will be no communication with her.

Her recent communication:
Traveling now compared to back then with the Covid problems was very easy by comparison – only forms have to filled in every place you go!

After a couple of days acclimatization, I decided to go to Lake Churup. This was a hard altitude climb that was, for the first 45 minutes, only rocks that were made to look like steps. I thought then this was the hardest part. I was told to keep to keep to the left path because the right path was very slippery. This meant I climbed for about 15 minutes over rocks that were pretty steep.
So, there I went with my “famous” sense of direction and I missed that path and ended up, of course, on the slippery path that challenged my rock-climbing skills a bit!
Doing this alone not a great idea but anyhow I made it to the most beautiful lake. Lying at 4450 meters I had to climb to 4650 meters to reach it!
I did not have much time to enjoy the view as I was in a hurry to go back to meet the taxi at the time I had arranged. I had planned this hike/climb would take me a total of 5 hours. Heading back, I felt just a light headache and back in hotel I did feel a bit tired. Paracetamol to the rescue and I was back to normal.
Tomorrow will be a gear check day and a bit of rest. Desiree’s motto “I can do this!”

We wish you good health and good luck – and look forward to hearing all about it in 3 weeks.

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