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Day of fight against serophobia on Sat. April 30 at Howell Center

MARIGOT: The Association AIDES Saint-Martin will be organizing on Saturday, April 30th from 10am to 12pm a new day of the fight against serophobia at the Howell Center shopping mall.

A day to denounce discrimination and stigmatization of HIV-positive people. Today, a person with HIV under treatment does not transmit the virus: this is the Tasp revolution (Treatment as prevention). This acronym reflects a reality that is not well known by the general public. To overcome this lack of knowledge, which feeds stigma and fear of testing, AIDES is unveiling a colorful digital device for this day!

This day of the fight against serophobia will allow AIDES Saint-Martin to tackle the preconceived ideas about HIV to deconstruct them and thus fight against the discrimination that HIV-positive people are still victims of.

Between medical advances, prevention methods, erroneous information that continues to circulate and representations that need to be changed, the fight against serophobia is not short of work. But it must also continue in the texts and legal provisions that continue to concern people living with HIV (PLHIV), both in the medical field and in everyday life, for finance, insurance … These issues are real problems sometimes to project themselves, work, have personal and family prospects, in short, to lead his life like anyone else.

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