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“La Cantatrice Chauve”, applauded for it’s great performances

MARIGOT: The premiere of Eugene Ionesco’s classic play was held last Friday at the Chapelle Theatre, to a full house. The laughter is still coming from this completely far-fetched performance.

The stage is revealed on a gaudy, hype and English set. Laurence Blanc’s set design announces the color from the start. Whether you like Ionesco or not, whether you know the theater of the absurd or not, you forget, you laugh, you enjoy the nonsense and the pleasure of the actors. There is no shortage of situational comedy in this particular theatrical style and instead of sticking to a typical staging, Laurence Blanc, the director, had this wonderful idea of exacerbating the funniness of the genre, not hesitating to integrate modern and local references, or to make asides to the audience.

The telling of an anecdote in Creole turned the entire audience into an endless laughing machine, supported by the impeccable and unflappable performance of the actors on stage. Who would have thought that one day they would see a mime from “Questions for a Champion” in a play such as “La Cantatrice Chauve”? The spectators present dreamed of it without knowing it, the company Têtes de l’Art did it. If the performance of Valérie Bal in the role of the maid masterfully dressed as Wednesday of the Adams Family was noticed and remarkable, her fellow actors, Gilles Chadru, Jean-René Le Troquer, David Pennacchietti, Anna-Maria Scrimieri (who signs here her last scenic appearance before she departed from the island) and Laurence Blanc herself, shone in these shifted roles, testifying to a real enjoyment to interpret these mythical characters. The silent actors of this play proposed by the hilarious troupe are multiple and contribute to the success of this revisit: whether it is the body language, the silences, the mimics or the gags to repeat. “La Cantatrice Chauve” is not to be missed. Do your hair however you want, but go for it. _Vx

Performances: Friday, April 15 at 8pm, Saturday, April 16 at 8pm.

Extension: Friday, April 21 at 8pm!

Tickets: One price – 20€.

The ticket office is open at the theater every night from 6pm to 7pm (except Saturday and Sunday)

Info: +590 690 55 87 44


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