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Students at Lycée Daniella Jeffry raises awareness on Endometriosis

MARIGOT: The Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry focused, as it does every year, on the date of March 8 dedicated to the commemoration of the “International Women’s Rights Day”, recognized by the UN in 1975.

For the occasion, the Lycée’s medical-social service organized a morning for the students on the theme of “ENDOMETRIOSIS…What if we talked about it?” Yellow ribbons, the European symbol of Endometriosis, were made and worn by all participants.

This gynecological disease, long ignored, affects, according to a survey made in Guadeloupe, 3 to 4 women out of 10. The territory of the Northern Islands is not spared, given the many students who come to the infirmary for various ailments during menstruation (pain, heavy bleeding, chronic fatigue, digestive and urinary disorders, etc.).

The consequences identified, i.e. school and professional absenteeism (during training periods), social isolation, and even depressive episodes suggest that ENDOMETRIOSIS is also a social disease.

Diagnosis remains difficult and as stated by Dr. Louis JEFFRY, gynecologist, “Pain during menstruation is not a fatality…insist on seeing your doctor when you have pain”.

Other speakers captivated the audience with their poignant testimonies. Christiane LADEON, Léa, and Constance, the first two suffering from endometriosis, and the third having seen her mother suffer from the disease throughout her childhood.

Messages of hope were nonetheless delivered to the students, notably through the progress of medicine, the national fight plan, the recognition of endometriosis as a long-term condition (ALD)… But the fight continues and the speeches of all the speakers were also addressed to the boys. “If your girlfriend suffers from endometriosis, take care of her…it’s important”.

The association KARUK’ENDO located in Guadeloupe also intervened via the internet. The action of the high school was broadcasted on their Facebook live. A big thank you also to Maryse Lafleur, a social worker at the Lycée for her collaboration.

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