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Protection of the sea turtle biotope in Terres-Basses

MARIGOT: Every year, hundreds of traces of sea turtle nesting activity are recorded on the beaches of St. Martin during the period from March to October.

The beaches of Terres-Basses are sites with high stakes for the conservation of marine turtles and require special protection measures described in the prefectural decree n°2022/013 – protection of the marine turtle biotope in Terres-Basses. These measures will allow to protect the environment of the turtles and to improve the success of their reproduction for the next generations.

This decree, particularly concerns the residents of the Terres-Basses beaches, but also allows to remind the actions that all users must follow for the preservation of the beaches and the turtles. In general, any action that can disturb the balance of the turtles’ living environment must be limited: night noise, light pollution (beach spots), motorized traffic, lighting of fires, destruction of wild plants, divagation of domestic animals, extraction of materials (sand in particular), embankment/dismantling/terraying, introduction of exotic animal and plant species…

Any infraction will result in legal proceedings.

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