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FIPCOM organizing meeting with local entrepreneurs

On March 2, The Federation Medef Fipcom St. Martin will be organizing, a Meeting of the Entrepreneurs with the candidates for the Presidency of the Collectivity of St. Martin.

This meeting is not politically motivated. If each of the candidates will be asked questions of an economic and legal nature, the primary objective of FIPCOM (Fédération Inter Professionnelle de la Collectivité de St Martin) is to bring together the two entities, in order to learn about the objectives of their respective programs, with a focus on the territory’s economy.

The questions will be submitted in advance to the various parties concerned and the speaking time will be identical and limited. After a quick quiz reserved for the candidates, the floor will be given to the entrepreneurs present and willing to ask a question to a specific candidate.

Due to the sanitary conditions and organizational constraints, this event, which will be held on Wednesday, March 2, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the Maison Gumbs, route de la gendarmerie in La Savane. The meeting has priority reservations for members of Fipcom/Medef but open to non-members upon personal invitation, depending on the availability of places.

A financial contribution of €25.00 euros will be requested from non-members, members or supporters who are not up-to-date with their membership fees, payable at the time of booking. The Entrepreneurs’ Meeting will end with a cocktail. Reservations can be made with the employers’ association before the registration deadline on February 25.

FIPCOM is located at 24 rue du Mont Carmel in Concordia and can be contacted by phone via +590 690 53 67 09. If you would like to submit questions, send them to fipcomsxm@gmail.com. You can also access them via Facebook at FipCom St. Martin.

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