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Restaurant owners obligated to indicate the origin of meat served from March 1st

MARIGOT: The obligation to label the origin of meat served in restaurants outside the home will become mandatory on March 1, according to a decree of January 27. This provision is the result of a long process, including legislative, initiated by the States General of Food conducted in 2017.

As early as the General States of 2017 and the parliamentary work that followed in the framework of the Egalim law of 2018, the subject of the origin of meat in out-of-home restaurants had emerged. The Government then initiated in 2019 a consultation with agricultural and catering professionals and consumer associations on a draft decree to make it mandatory to label the origin of meat served in out-of-home catering to strengthen the information available to consumers.

Thus, as of March 1, 2022, the origin of meat (pork, poultry, lamb, mutton) served in all out-of-home catering (canteens, restaurants, company restaurants) will have to be indicated, as has been the case for beef since 2002. The labeling of the origin of the meat will have to mention the country of rearing and the country of slaughter, whether it is fresh, chilled, frozen, or deep-frozen meat.

This new obligation responds to a strong expectation from consumers for transparency and traceability on the origin of the products they consume.

While the information on the origin of meat was already provided to consumers in supermarkets and butcher shops, only the origin of beef was previously mandatory in the catering industry. This new regulation extends to pork, sheep, and poultry meat.

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