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The phenomenon of “wild runs” in St. Martin continues

MARIGOT: On Sunday morning, speed fanatics and big cars gathered by the dozens to attend the “runs”, these famous wild races that put competitors in competition on the main straight line of Bellevue.

The street bike race on St. Martin are always popular, whether in Bellevue, Quartier d’Orléans, or in Nettlé Bay. As usual before the race, participants from both sides of the island show off their gleaming monsters to the public massed on the side of the road. Then they take the handlebars, defying the elementary rules of safety and driving in urban areas, especially the respect of the speed limit.

A show that is not without risk, both for the competitors and for the spectators, without forgetting the motorists trapped by these runs and asked to wait wisely until the road is free.



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