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Zincart’s Iron project: Part four

If 2021 gave us a glimpse of what this gigantic Iron Man sculpture would look like, it’s time to meet up with the artist, Zincart, who has not been idle in this new year.

This large-scale art project was born 6 months ago, the craftsman roofer zinc worker but especially sculptor, Zincart has put his suitcase of tools in the enclosure of the Tribute Hotel in Baie Nettlé to build a sculpture of Iron Man, scaling almost 4 meters high, that will soon be enthroned in the gardens of the Art Hotel.

In his open-air workshop, the entire wooden body of the superhero is already in place, a body made of 640 pieces drawn, created and assembled by the artist who prefers to remain anonymous, letting his work be brought to light, the ultimate demonstration of his great talent and touching humility.

Our last interview with the man with gold in his hands was in early October 2021, all the wooden structure being already completed, the next step was the manufacture of the electrical part and the making of the armor of the giant.

Despite a delay in the delivery of some materials, Zincart has continued to make progress on his project, which is attracting more and more curious people. He has completed the sheathing for the electrics and lights, which will allow Iron Man’s motion-sensor-equipped head to move as people admire the sculpture.

As soon as he received the copper and brass, both of which are essential to the making of the Mark 45 XLV armor, which is for the artist the most beautiful but also the most elaborate, Zincart tackled the iconic shoes of the Marvel character. Each shoe measures 85 centimeters, many details stand out on each. Light will be projected from the soles as well as smoke simulating Iron Man’s well-known thrusters.

The work is meticulous and the finish is impressive. During the week, Zincart will slowly go back up on the calves, continuing the realization of this extraordinary work.



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