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French secondary schools on strike by Thursday

The SNES- FSU calls for a strike in French secondary schools on Thursday. The union sites the rapid progression of disorganization in the school as the reason for the strike; there are too many students and not enough staff.

The SNES-FSU states, “Teaching in these conditions is a farce and the fact that students continue to live in the schools will prolong the duration of this wave. We note that the protocols put in place in a hurry are inapplicable and ineffective. Already this beginning of January is pedagogically dead. We have asked for the closure of secondary schools. It was refused by the Vice Rector.”

“The teachers could have fully devoted themselves to a full distance learning, assumed, if not satisfactory in view of the computer equipment conditions. It is true that for the past two years nothing has been done to learn the lessons of the 1st wave and to allow for real distance learning.” They went on to say.

SNES-FSU states, “Moreover, the passing of the baccalaureate specialty tests in March will pose a big problem. Teachers will be unable to complete a program that is already very difficult to deal with in normal circumstances. We have asked for the postponement of the tests, but have been refused.”

“Students, parents and staff have suffered since the beginning of the epidemic due to the lack of anticipation and the calamitous management of the crisis by the Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and the entire administrative chain up to the heads of the schools in Saint Martin. The teachers are exhausted and feel a growing sense of loss of meaning in their work.”

Faced with the deafness of the hierarchy, the SNES-FSU is calling for a strike on Thursday, January 13, 2022 in St. Martin, as part of the national and inter-union call.



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