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Minister Irion warns against fake Facebook profile

Minister of Finance, Ardwell Irion, has taken note of recent social media accounts claiming to be his own.

“Considering recent events, I would like to clarify, the Facebook Like page, Ardwell M.R. Irion, is not owned or operated under my authority; it is one of others assuming my identity online. This is something plaguing many public figures, as well as ordinary people on all social media platforms.” Said Minister Irion.

The fake page in question

He went on to say “The page in question contains pictures and posts that are duplicated from my original page, making it more convincing to other people, in the hopes of luring in unsuspecting citizens. It has been sending out messages about false United Nations funds and claiming to pay bills and provide aid. This is not true; the page has been reported and we ask others to follow suit.”

There was also advice given for how to spot his real account. “For future reference, my official Facebook Page is, Ardwell Irion, just like the rest of my social media. The official page does not message anyone directly on Facebook or Instagram, unless it is to respond to direct questions or comments.”

“While we have dealt with similar issues, this is still an opportunity to remind the public to remain vigilant of people scamming the public on social media. Hopefully the scammers are eradicated, and we can move toward a future devoid of fake information. Remember, if an email or private message comes from anyone, and it sounds strange, don’t download anything, or click links, they can be attached to viruses that may crash your electronics, or worse, steal your identity. Have these pages reported.” Said Irion.

The Minister closed by saying, “It is very unfortunate the people of Sint Maarten have fallen victim to this situation, given the incredibly difficult economic times. I apologize for any inconvenience the stolen use of my likeness may have caused.”



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