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Santa Claus at the Archiball Rugby School

MARIGOT: Despite a very busy schedule, Santa Claus made an appearance at the Archiball Rugby School. After a light training session, the young rugby players joined the clubhouse to have a snack and meet Santa Claus.

The young Junior Stars footballers invited for the occasion were given a bag containing several sweets (a nod to Patricia and Carl) while their Archiball comrades received from Santa Claus a beautiful jersey in the colors of the club (200 jerseys were distributed!).

All categories included, the Archiball Rugby School is still doing well. Alex greeted all those who orchestrated and prepared this beautiful moment of sharing, the volunteers without whom a club cannot function. A big thank you also to the partners, Super U, represented by Sébastien Larrigue and Tinho.

For the future of the club, it was important to be able to count on a reservoir of young talents, boys and girls, motivated to carry the colors of the club high.



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