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Opening of the exhibition “Avoir l’âme à peindre” in Marigot

MARIGOT: Alessandra Fiorillo and Isabelle Canonici, painters and friends in life, combine their talents in a duo exhibition that will take place until January 11 at the Outlet boutique in downtown Marigot.

If painting is a relatively recent experience for Isabelle, who has only been wielding brushes for three years, it is now more than 26 years that Alessandra has been juggling different drawing and painting techniques. The meeting of these two women is as beautiful as their complicity. Alessandra being an interpreter for the gendarmerie and the court and Isabelle being a court clerk, their friendship was very quickly linked around their common passion, namely painting.

Alessandra was very quickly touched by the serenity of Isabelle’s paintings, which she paints in an almost therapeutic way. She did not miss the opportunity to propose to Isabelle to exhibit together, a new exercise for Isabelle unlike Alessandra who used to have her own art gallery… in the Outlet store where the exhibition “Avoir l’âme à peindre” is currently taking place. Stan, the store manager, responded enthusiastically to Alessandra’s request to exhibit her and Isabelle’s paintings, thus providing an easy access to art where one can admire the artists’ paintings while strolling between the racks of clothing. The respective professions of the two women are charged with emotion and tension. Isabelle approaches painting as an outlet, with beautiful flat tones of color.

Alessandra’s paintings are full of life, like her author who advocates, through the art of drawing and painting, a “will to become” to all those young people who are still searching. The artist firmly believes that art is not only a means of expression in its own right but also a brake on violence. If Saint Martin needed to raise its cultural level, the exhibition “Avoir l’âme à peindre” will have contributed fully. On view until January 11 at the Outlet boutique, 11 rue de la République in Marigot (across from Dauphin Telecom).



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