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Meeting with the RSMA

MARIGOT: This Wednesday evening, the CCISM welcomed the Régiment du Service Militaire Adapté (RSMA) in its premises on the occasion of the mooring of the sailing ship Neptune with on board several young people undergoing training within the regiment.

The assembly was made up of officials from the RSMA, the crew of the ship Neptune, various guests and the local press. The evening began with a speech by Julien Bataille, Director General of the Saint Martin Interprofessional Consular Chamber, who was delighted to organize this group meeting where some of Saint Martin’s future business leaders might have been present. The young people from Saint Martin undergoing training at the RSMA spoke in turn about their experience in the RSMA, sometimes shyly but always with pride.

The opportunity to sail aboard a sailing ship like the Neptune will surely remain a memorable experience in their lives as young adults. They are all unanimous on the importance of inculcating the values advocated by the RSMA, with the priority being life skills. The testimony of a young person held the attention of the public when he expressed that he had gained in maturity since his integration in the RSMA. The five golden rules of the regiment are: be on time, punctuality being a form of self-respect and respect for others, a fundamental value in the military environment; be in the appropriate dress; respect one’s leader and be accountable to him; work as a team, which was strongly felt in the interactions between the young people with great solidarity and sincere mutual aid; and finally, respect for safety rules.

As Colonel Philippe Outtier, head of the RSMA Guadeloupe, reminded the participants, the RSMA is a socio-professional integration program for young people between 18 and 25 years of age, which offers 65 St. Martiners out of 600 beneficiaries per year the opportunity to follow one of the thirty training courses, the eight poles of which are the earth trades, the food trades, construction, commerce & tourism, driving – car maintenance & logistics, administration & digital, personal service and discovery. Earlier in the day, the new agreement between the territorial collectivity and the regiment for the recruitment of young people with a target of one hundred volunteers per year was signed by Daniel Gibbs, President of the Collectivity of Saint Martin and Colonel Philippe Outtier.

Information: https://www.rsma.gp

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