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SXM Against Littering award ceremony

CAY HILL: Last week the award ceremony for the drawing competition of the “SXM Against Littering” project took place at the HelmichSnijders Hillside Christian school.

A total of two hundred students from grade three up to grade six, from HelmichSnijders and Martin Luther King Jr. school participated in this competition. The competition, which involved students creating a sign to stop people from littering, was designed to combat the issue of littering. Prior to entrance to the competition students received a presentation on the importance of combating littering for nature preservation.

Highlighting the influence human beings have on our environment, we encouraged the students to create designs for signage to stop this issue. A total of nine drawings were selected to be placed on signs throughout Dutch Sint Maarten. Sponsored by St. Maarten nectar the first prize, which includes the design being implemented, is awarded to the design entered by Sean Ferrol (HelmichSnijder) and Michaella Brooks (Martin Luther King Jr.). The remaining prizes are awarded to seven select students who will receive their rewards, sponsored by Top Carrot restaurant. The implementation and erection of the signage is expected to take place in April of 2022.



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