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The RSMA in Saint Martin for the benefit of the youth

MARIGOT: In association with the crew of the sailboat Neptune, the RSMA of Guadeloupe reaffirms its links with the people of St. Martin through an ambitious project to link the island of Guadeloupe to St. Martin by sailboat.

The RSMA maintains close ties with its sister island. On the one hand, it enables the youth of Saint Martin to train and integrate into the local economic fabric, and on the other hand, it intervenes on behalf of Saint Martin in the event of a natural disaster. The recruitment and integration teams of the RSMA are regularly present to present the different training courses to the young people of the island and also to integrate the young people trained within the structure which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. This nautical project is an opportunity to introduce the world of sailing and its values to 10 volunteers of the RSMA, including St. Martin: surpassing oneself, the taste for effort, teamwork, adaptability are on the program of this 300 mile round trip.

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The Adapted Military Service is a socio-professional integration program for young people aged 18 to 25 who are far from the job market. The incorporations are done every month. The educational programs of the RSMA of Guadeloupe, from which the young volunteers benefit, are most often in line with the needs of the companies, especially during a period of strong need of manpower, as it is the case in a phase, more or less long, of reconstruction and restart of the activity. The RSMA personnel were present to clear the roads of Saint Martin from the first hours after the hurricanes and everyone was able to observe their rigor and commitment. With a professional reintegration rate of more than 80%, the RSMA has established itself as a serious alternative for young people in search of reference points and a professional future. Its three main axes are recruitment, training and integration with an objective of recruiting 100 people each year on our island. The past year has been satisfactory since 65 recruitment were made in Saint Martin among the 600 volunteer trainees coming from all over the archipelago. To this figure, we must add the 6 technical volunteers hired among the 93 technical volunteers contracts in 2021. Candidates generally have little or no formal education (1/3 are illiterate) and will benefit from a 6 to 12 month training program that will enable them to obtain a qualification and a job.

Real results

At the end of their training, half of the young people from Saint Martin returned to the island, while the other half stays in Guadeloupe; this distribution is done according to the motivations of each one and the professional path they have chosen to follow.



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