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Journey Cakes in the spotlight with the ACS ZEPIN association

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MARIGOT: On Sunday, November 21, the Cultural and Sports Association Priority Education Zone of the Northern Islands (ACS ZEPIN) held its culinary session, with the preparation of traditional bread rolls of St. Martin. During November 2021, it is the highlight of the local culinary heritage in St. Martin.

Also, that day, the ACS ZEPIN offered, to its members and supporters, a workshop to make Journey Cakes, in the pure traditional method. The baking was done in a wood-fired oven, the old-fashioned way, and in an idyllic setting facing the sea.

This activity, which has been planned for the past year, was carried out by about fifteen participants, who showed their enthusiasm and put their hands to work.

Under the guidance of the members of the SKA (Soualiwomen Kultural Association), sharing of the recipe was made and young, as well as  old, will have the pleasure of reproducing, at home, these delicious small breads which are symbolic to the island.

As always, the ACS ZEPIN emphasizes the history of St. Martin.

To make the task more fun, a competition was proposed, taking into account, among other things, the shaping, the color after cooking, the honeycombing, says Xavier Mirre-Minori, President of the association. During this event, learning of a traditional dance was organized. Afterward, everyone was able to taste their fruits of labour with the garnish provided, accompanied by fresh local juice to quench their thirst.

The top four finishers were rewarded with gifts, related to cooking and food hygiene, thanks to partner PBK who supported the ZEPIN CHA.

As is often the case, all participants left with a gift related to the theme: a fun pencil for writing down recipes, courtesy of the ZEPIN CHA.



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