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Tower cranes being installed for SMGH construction

CAY HILL: As the 2021 hurricane season comes to a close, one of two tower cranes has been installed to facilitate the construction of the St. Maarten General Hospital (SMGH), with the second one being installed soon.

To ensure safety on the construction site and of the surrounding areas, the tower cranes have been fitted onto large concrete foundations for stability. Before being put in operation, the cranes will be tested and certified with regular maintenance being performed throughout the construction project.

SMGH’s Project Manager, Erika van der Horst states: “All safety protocols have been thoroughly vetted and the contractor is constantly being supervised that they strictly adhere to the lifting plans and other safety measures on and around the SMGH construction site”.

When not in use, the cranes will be put in a “free setting” as an additional safety measure, which means that the beam will turn around freely according to the wind direction. Furthermore, there is a defined lifting plan in place that dictates that loads are only allowed to be lifted within the boundaries of the SMGH construction site, so not above the current SMMC building nor above the adjacent G.A. Arnell Boulevard (Link 1) and part of the school (Learning Unlimited) premises.

With regards to the ongoing construction of the basement floor, Van Der Horst stated: “We are expecting approximately 5 more pours before completion with one being scheduled within the next few days, depending on weather conditions”.

For any possible complaints regarding the SMGH construction activities, persons can go to the SMGH section of the SMMC website and follow the complaints procedure at: https://smmc.sx/SMGH/SMGH-ESMP

SMMC would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any possible inconvenience that is caused by the ongoing construction of the new hospital, as SMMC continues its mission of raising the level of health care on St. Maarten and providing the community of St. Maarten and surrounding islands with quality care, close to home.



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