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Clarification on the decision to postpone the Covid vaccine requirement

MARTINIQUE: The Delegate Prefect of St. Barthélemy and St. Martin and the Director General of the Regional Health Agency wish to clarify the decision to postpone the mandatorycompulsory vaccination against covid for health care providers in Martinique, following therequest from the President of the Collectivité de Saint-Martin to adapt this measure to theterritory.

The territory of Martinique, still in a state of health emergency, has been subjected to a curfew, since July. The sanitary situation there remains (700 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic, 413 new cases and 77 patients hospitalized, including 21 in hospitalized, including 21 in critical care as of November 7). The low vaccination rate of the population (38.6% of the population over 12 years of age) does not allow for the implementation of all the national measures. For these reasons, the Government has chosen in Martinique to adapt the deadlines according to the date of the end of the state of the state of health emergency for the mandatory vaccination of health care providers, as well as the end of free tests on December 31, 2021.

The Minister of Solidarity and Health had clearly indicated during his visit to the

Antilles that the application of the vaccination obligation for caregivers would be done gradually following the stages of decontamination and the end of the state of health emergency.In St. Martin, as in St. Barthélemy, the health situation has been improving for several weeks (19 new cases as of November 7, positive rates and incidence rates below and incidence rates below the alert thresholds). The Delegate Prefect of St. Barthélemy and St. Martin has always endeavored to adapt measures to the local context in conjunction with the Regional Health Agency.

The introduction of the curfew and the progressive implementation of the of the health pass, have been studied with the Collectivité de St. Martin and all the socio-professional actors of the territories to take into account the local specificities and the island’s economy. These measures have made it possible to have a stable sanitary situation.

All of this allows us to implement the compulsory vaccination of health care workers gradually and gradually and with discernment because each case is studied. In addition, the vaccination rate in St. Martin is the highest, after St. Barthélémy, in the French West Indies, with 42.25% of the population over 12 years old fully vaccinated.

In addition, the government has authorized the postponement of free PCR and antigenic tests until December 6, 2021 in order to facilitate the monitoring of the epidemic on the same criteria for another 3 weeks and thus secure the upcoming tourist period.

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