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Watercolor walk in Grand Case in the presence of the painter Mino

GRAND CASE: To close the exhibition of the artist Mino Ravaozanany organized by the SM’Art Faxinfo Art Gallery, a walk was organized in the streets of Grand Case in order to sketch, draw and paint the typical Creole huts of the district.

Organized by Fabienne and animated by Mino herself, this walk was in line with the exhibition of the artist’s watercolors, hung at the Bellevue gallery. This event was a first, namely to organize an artistic activity directly linked to a static exhibition. The invitation was launched by Mino. Participation was free, all you had to do was bring your drawing and painting material: small palette of pigments, brushes, pencils, watercolor paper… and then let the magic of inspiration work. The experience and the moments shared were unique and significant.

The exercise was not only limited to sketching a house or painting the landscape, it pushed to take the time to settle down, to observe, to become aware of things, people and noises around. Of oneself and one’s emotions too. Mino’s wise advice as well as the silences between the budding artists applied to the task were rich. If Mino’s watercolor paintings call for a journey, for one afternoon, even if they were sitting on the side of the road in Grand Case with a sketchbook in their hands, the participants in this animated walk also traveled a lot.



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