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The “counter-proposals” of the collective presented to the Prefect and the elected officials

MARIGOT: This morning, the Prefect again received the collective in the presence of some elected officials of the territorial council. The collective presented a document of about ten pages. Some of the demands were in the initial “platform” of demands, others have been added in the meantime.

“This document is the fruit of our meeting with the inhabitants of the working-class districts of St. Martin. We are their spokesperson this morning,” it says at the top. The collective outlined its observations on the method and then categorized the “counter-proposals” by theme: training, training for job seekers, cultural/sports and leisure venues, health, financial aid for low-income and unemployed people/fighting poverty, PPRN, 50 geometric steps. “Given the current situation of blockage”, the collective added “the establishment of terminals Saur and EDF, the reopening of the post office, the establishment of broadband internet in Quartier d’Orleans; in Sandy Ground the reopening of the post office, the establishment of sidewalks, the repair of the drainage system, the construction of a fruit, vegetable and fish market and the establishment of garbage rooms; the resurfacing of the road on the boulevard of Grand Case Concerning “the environment”, the collective asks for the free access of all the beaches to the public, the installation of public toilets and garbage rooms on the beaches, the installation of a boat ramp to facilitate the landing of fishermen and individuals. The collective also asks to “promote the development of truckers in the territory in the face of unfair competition from outside.

“All these elements are the sine qua non conditions for the construction of a more equitable society for all, established on new relational modalities”, conceives the collective.



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