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Three Recipients of Governor’s Youth Awards

HARBOUR VIEW:  The three recipients of the Governor’s Youth Awards 2021 are Faith Peterson and TefariPrevoo Francisco, co-recipients in the category Arts, and Jamie Lynch, recipient in the category Academics. 

The ceremony was held on Thursday June 24th, 2021, at the Belair Community Center. 

Faith Peterson and TefariPrevoo Francisco were selected as co-recipients of the Governor’s Youth Award For Excellence in arts.  

Faith Peterson is a young lady who was introduced to the art form of dance at the age of 3. She is a gifted and talented dancer, gymnast/acrobat, and singer, who, through her consistent work ethic has arrived at this pinnacle in her young life. Faith is “a triple threat”, which for the laymen simply mean she is equally gifted in acting, singing, and dancing, as well as circus arts. 

TefariPrevoo Francisco started selling jewelry at the age of nine to pay for her violin lessons.  So began the journey, which at the age of 14, in five years, has created the result that celebrates excellence as an artist. 

Jamie Lynch was selected as the recipient of the Governor’s Youth Award For Excellence in Academics. She is a young lady who has her mind set on excelling in every aspect of her life. 

The Governor’s Youth Award For Excellence is as a result aimed at encouraging young persons to always strive for excellence. The Award therefore recognizes youths, ages 13 through 19, who have excelled in academics, sports, arts, environmental protection, or community service.



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