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4th edition of the Grand Prix des Anciens Coureurs de Sandy Ground

SANDY GROUND: On the initiative of the Vélo Club de Sandy Ground, the 4th edition of the Grand Prix des Anciens Coureurs de Sandy  Ground took place on Sunday, July 4th.

The organizing team would like to thank the many people who worked for the smooth running of this event very popular with cycling enthusiasts: the flagmen, bikers, stewards, supporters and the various teams present.

Not forgetting the sponsors: Sky is the Limit, Chez Coco, Quality food, Enzo pizza, Sandy’s Too, KFC, Crédit Mutuel, DP, Delta Petroleum, Laverie Mer’Denise, Landry, Lets, Work 7, The Bridge, TSP and Tri sport.

Classifications by categories:

Pre-licensed Girls:

1st Blaydisha Carty VCSG

2nd Erika Félix VCSG

Pre-licensed Boy :

1st Eumel Fleming ASM

2nd Jolan Athanaze Baillet ASM

3rd Lewis Denon Lowell ASCB


1st Cymphonique Bellechasse VCSG

2nd Reyzaïna Gervais VCSG

3rd Ava Charles


1st Clémenceau Gumbs ASM

2nd Reithan Artsen VCSG

3rd Jirom Coutou VCSG

4th David Flamme Maxy

Pupil Girls:

1st Romeira Piper ASM

2nd Reyssiah Sinvilcaro ASM

Pupil Boy:

1st Kélan Edwards Lewest VCSG

2nd Lance Hunt Parotte ACVPB

3rd Wilmy Guillaumette VCSG

4th Dorion Davis Carty ASM

5th Djamely Ebring ASM

6th Ralph Cruz Lantigua VCSG

7th Steve Fredimon VCSG


1st Adrianna Browm


1st Alfred Artsen VCSG

2nd Ashtan Benitez ACVPB

3rd Yael Petit Fredon ASM

4th Joseph Webster SCLA

5th Davinio Carti VCSG

6th Mike Promeneur ASCB

7th Yadiel Garcia Sanchez VCSG

Minime Girls:

1st Elisa Denon ASCB

2nd Adrianna Baguidy VCSG

Minime Boy:

1st Jahiem Kennedy Hodge VCSG

2nd Edgar Brools Mercedes VCSG

3rd Phil Louis Isidor ASM

4th D’Andrey Burgan VCSG

5th Kendjy Gervais VCSG

6th Kisean Georges ASM

7th Widner Guillaumette VCSG


1st Marian Mingau


1st Sahkim Carty VCSG

2nd Rolandio Lake Rogers VCSG

3rd Alexandre Brooks Augustin VCSG

4th Andy Guibreteau SXMCF

5th Adonijah Leblanc VCSG

6th Daniel Victor SCCA


1st Yerlin Garcia Sanchez VCSG

Master A:

1st Merk Maidwell Mo. Trouble

2nd Otis Paines VCSG

3rd Karl Spyker CHAIN

4th Patricio Carty VCSG

5th Georges Farrell IND

6th Cedric Aranso


1st Felix Fabion VCSG

2nd Edouard Bellechasse VCSG

3rd Alain Garnier VCSG

Master B:

1st Eric Hélan ASM

2nd Louis Lake ASCESM

3rd Freddy Maccow ASM

4th Ralph Bredi CHAIN

5th Romeo Lake VCSG


1st Mary Erato P CAVE

2nd Caroline Delplanque SXM TRI ACA

3rd Susan Ascione TIGERS

4th Murielle Lancien SXM TRI ACA



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