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Attraction nearly collapses on itself at funfair

MICHIGAN: The attraction at a fun fair, dubbed 95th “National Cherry Festival”, would have collapsed on itself if passers-by had not mobilized to maintain it.  Fortunately, the incident, which took place around 11 pm, did not cause any injuries.

A video shows that the merry-go-round, made up of a basket rotating around an axis, suddenly begins to pitch before starting to tilt backwards. A man then rushes to try to hold back the device, before being joined by a dozen other people to lend him a hand.

The group managed to stabilize the attraction until it stopped. The passengers remained hooked for a few minutes after the device stabilized. The crowd showed their relief when they could be released and some rushed to their loved ones.

This device was finally dismantled the next day. For the moment, the company responsible for this ride has not commented on the event.



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