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Sandy Ground bridge requires 2 months of work

SANDY GROUND: The Collectivité will carry out major work on the structure of the Sandy Ground bridge from July 19th. This will interrupt maritime traffic will between July 19th and September 20th and the road traffic between August 9th and September 8th.

The overall cost of the operation includes the studies, the management and the realization of the works, for an amount of 1 700 000 €.

This operation is financed up to 58% by the ERDF and up to 42% by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin.

The execution period of the second phase of work consists of:

– The installation of the construction site, the footbridge and the scaffolding, between Monday, July 19th and Monday, August 9th.

– The disassembly of the bridge between Monday, August 9th and Wednesday, August 18th;

– Assembly of the new bridge between Wednesday, August 18th and Wednesday, September 8th;

– Dismantling of the bridge, scaffolding and site installations between September 8th and 20th.

A pedestrian and bicycle bridge:

– All motorized vehicles will have to take a detour route, via the Bellevue and Terres Basses borders.

– A bicycle bridge will be built for the exclusive use of pedestrians and bicycles. Instructions to be respected because the footbridge must not be used by motor vehicles.

Two dedicated lanes (pedestrians / bicycles) will be built on the footbridge and delimited by a physical separator.

– The city’s minibus rotations will be maintained.

Users will then have to walk across the footbridge to catch the bus that will be waiting on the other side to continue their route.

Waste Management:

– Collections of household waste, bulky items and plant waste, as well as the removal of end-of-life vehicles will be carried out at the usual frequency.

Emergency management:

– The National Gendarmerie and the Territorial Police will ensure the same frequency of patrols on the whole Sandy Ground peninsula.

– Medical assistance vehicles – firefighter, ambulance, SMUR, doctor, home care, etc. – will use the escape route. – will use the diversionary route through the Dutch side (cooperation agreement).

Start of the school year:

– If the date of completion of the work has been set for Monday, September 8th, it is understood that the Collectivity will do everything possible to accelerate the work so as to reopen the bridge to road traffic, as early as September 2nd, for the start of the school year.

Word from President Daniel Gibbs:

“I am aware of the constraint that this represents for users, especially the residents of Sandy Ground, Baie Nettlé and Terres-Basses and users of the sea, but it must be stressed that this is work of general interest requested for several years that will significantly improve the daily lives of our fellow citizens with, in the long run, a faster and more frequent lifting of the bridge (even on weekends and holidays).”



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