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At 11, he wants to become an immortal cyborg

ANTWERP: At only 11 years old, the Belgian prodigy Laurent Simons has just obtained a degree in physics at the University of Antwerp. In an interview, the precocious genius confides that his goal is to achieve immortality.

A bachelor at the age of 8, we heard about Laurent Simons for the first time in November 2019, when he was in the process of receiving an engineering degree, preparing to become the youngest university graduate in the world. The following month, however, he was accused of plagiarism and the 145 IQ child suddenly dropped out of college.

Young as he was, the native of Ostend has apparently fallen back on his feet, having just obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Antwerp at just 11 years old.

Now on the road to mastering, Laurent Simons has a very specific ambition: to become an immortal cyborg.  “ This is the first part of my plan to replace body parts with mechanical parts in order to achieve immortality.“ says Laurent. “ I mapped out a path to get there. It can be seen as a big puzzle.” Quantum physics – the study of the tiniest particles – is the first piece of this puzzle.



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