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Village ravaged by fire, 49.6 ° C recorded

CANADA: As 500 people have already died due to unbearable temperatures in western Canada and the United States, fires are increasing and the entire village of Lytton is in flames

Several hundred sudden deaths, hospitalizations on the rise and the increase in forest fires: western Canada and the United States are suffocating under the effect of unbearable temperatures.

The heat wave, which has triggered heatwave alerts in areas where millions of people live, has claimed nearly 500 lives in Canada and at least 16 in the United States, putting pressure on emergency services, so that freshness is not expected until next week.

The northwestern United States, accustomed to temperate and generally humid weather, has recorded records in recent days, with a high of 46.1 degrees Celsius Monday in Portland. The port city was breathing a little easier on Wednesday, as the heat wave slowly moved inland.

Across the border, several fires were also underway in Canada on Wednesday, including one near the village of Lytton, in British Columbia, some 250 km northeast of Vancouver: this is where A new all-time high heat record for the whole country was recorded on Tuesday, at 49.6 degrees Celsius.



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