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Briton breaks Guinness World Record

ENGLAND: Have you ever tried to stack M & M’s? It’s much more difficult than you might imagine. Guinness World Records has awarded the title of M & M’s tallest tower to Will Cutbill, who managed to balance five small chocolates on top of each other. And he challenges anyone who laughs at his new world record to beat it.

Yet even Guinness World Records struggled not to be surprised by this performance. “When I told them there were five, they were shocked. They also wanted to try and try to beat me,” he added.

“It’s much more difficult than it sounds”, says the 23-year-old civil engineer, who lives in the town of Solihull in England and loves chocolate. Due to the rounded shape of M & M’s, it is very difficult to balance them. The previous record was held by Italian Silvio Sabba and Australian Brendan Kelbi, who had stacked four M & M’s.



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