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Statia allows tourists as of August 2

STATIA: Statia will further open up the island on Monday, August 2 by introducing the third phase of the Road Map. During this phase fully vaccinated visitors including tourists can visit Statia. Visitors from high risk countries must however adhere to certain measures during 5 days upon arrival such as wearing a face mask, keeping social distance and washing hand frequently. They cannot attend large events. Vaccinated visitors from very high risk countries can also come to Statia but must go into quarantine for a period of 5 days upon entry. Non vaccinated tourists cannot yet visit Statia.

Fully vaccinated visitors from low risk countries do not have to adhere to certain measures and do not have to go into quarantine.

Non vaccinated

Non vaccinated residents, family members, workers or persons who own a home in Statia and who were in a high risk country or a very high risk country prior to their visit to Statia, must go into quarantine for a period of 10 days upon entry.

Non vaccinated tourists cannot yet visit Statia.

Fourth phase

In the fourth phase everyone can enter the island, also not vaccinated visitors. The condition is that the majority of the Statian residents must be vaccinated, which is 80%.

The Public Health Department expects that by then no one needs to go into quarantine anymore. However, due to constant changes in the COVID-19 developments worldwide, this cannot be guaranteed.



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