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DIAL, the GPS alert bracelet connected to sea rescue

MARIGOT: As the first link in the sea rescue chain on our coasts and a reference in terms of prevention, the SNSM wanted to develop a device that would allow water sports enthusiasts to alert rescue services and be located.

The alert and location bracelet is a waterproof GPS beacon connected to mobile networks. It is inserted into a bracelet designed by Philippe Starck, a designer with a passion for the sea and the nautical world.

Made of silicone and orange color, comfortable and highly resistant, the ergonomics of this bracelet adapts to each wrist.

This bracelet allows its holder to be located during the practice of his nautical activity and to send an alert in case of difficulty. Thanks to the multi-operator SIM card included in the beacon, DIAL works autonomously (no need for a phone nearby to transmit data). This SIM card works with an annual subscription of 29 € TTC for an unlimited use (the first year subscription is included in the purchase of the device).

The objectives of this alert and location bracelet are multiple:

– To allow its holder to share with 3 trusted persons, his position during the practice of his nautical activity;

– To easily transmit a geolocalized alert to family and friends and to the rescue services at sea, in case of difficulty;

– Reduce considerably the intervention time of the rescue services.

– Reduce false alarms due to the worries of relatives.

This device can also be used by those who go on individual mountain hikes.



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