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Family double murder solved 28 years later

FRANCE: A man was accused and imprisoned Wednesday for the murder of his wife and the murder and rape of his daughter, found slaughtered in 1993 near Grenoble (south-east).

The DNA of traces of semen found on the pants of the girl, then 13 years old, allowed the identification of her father that a strong alibi had, for 28 years, preserved from any prosecution in the investigation into the death of his wife and child.

And the alibi of the trip to Romania of the suspect with his son at the time of the crime now presents weaknesses, the investigators concluded.

On January 7, 1993, the corpses of Michèle Chabert, wife Marinescu, 43, and her daughter, Christine, were found in Sassenage, near Grenoble, killed by stab wounds in the throat.



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