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Illegal to force workers to get vaccine

POND ISLAND: It is illegal to force employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19 virus, Labour Minister Omar Ottley reaffirmed in the Council of Ministers Press Briefing on Wednesday. He supports employers who are or want to promote vaccination, but not those who want to force the issue.

 “It is illegal to tell them [the employees] if they are not vaccinated they will not be employed [or] they will be fired,” said Ottley.

The country is still striving to achieve herd immunity and there are still a lot of vaccination holdouts who cite various reasons for their reluctance.

Many employers are very keen on achieving more normality, but this requires higher vaccination levels. Some have found creative ways to coax employees to take the vaccination, including telling them they cannot work in public areas of the business without the jab.

The island – both sides – is now experiencing the third wave of the pandemic. The hospitalized people in both hospitals are said to be all non-vaccinated people. 



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