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New waste management policy of the COM

MARIGOT: What more can we do to make the island look cleaner? The president of the community and the territorial councillor in charge of the environment ask themselves this question. Without having an answer.

“Saint-Martin is one of the few territories in France where household waste is collected seven days a week! In Guadeloupe, they are collected two or three times a week depending on the commune. The bulky items are now collected seven days a week too! Previously it was three times a week,” says Daniel Gibbs. “What more can we do?” he asks, inviting the population to respect the instructions. “We have to take out our garbage at 6:00  p.m., not before. And they are collected from 11:00  p.m.,” he said.

“The market for the removal of end-of-life vehicles (ELV) was restarted in May and in the last month we have already collected 130 wrecks,” he adds. And yet there are still dozens abandoned along the roads. “The ELVs are a real scourge, it is really necessary that people become aware of the damage that these wrecks cause to the environment. The image of our tourist island and public health, because they are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, are strongly impacted. The public authorities collect these ELVs but it is urgent that there is a real awareness and that each citizen does his part”, Daniel Gibbs further added. And to insist: “everyone must show civic-mindedness.”



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