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Contraceptive coverage request submitted to govt.

PHILIPSBURG: Party for Progress (PFP) has submitted an appeal to Public Health Minister Omar Ottley urging him to request an advice from the health committee about adding contraceptive methods (primarily birth control pills and intra-uterine devices IUDs) to the coverage list for health insurers.

PFP stated in its letter that the use of contraceptives has grown to include treating irregular menstrual cycles, painful cramps, acne and, most importantly to them, endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Both these conditions can hamper a woman’s ability to lead a normal, active and healthy life.

In Sint Maarten, birth control is an over-the-counter item, but in some instances, there is a medical need for it. However, the health insurance provider doesn’t cover the cost. PFP’s research into the national ordinance on Health Insurance revealed that health insurance providers only cover substances considered “medication”, however, contraception is considered an “aiding” substance but not medication.

It is PFP’s goal that its letter to the minister be a first step on the road towards making access to contraception accessible for all women. 



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