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Girl, 18, in coma after medical error

FRANCE: Alison, 18, had come to Rennes University Hospital to have an ovarian cyst operated on, an operation without any particular risk. But the teenager found herself in a coma following a medical error during a second operation.  The mother of the girl decided to file a complaint against the hospital.

On May 10th, Alison was admitted to the hospital to undergo an operation to remove a cyst on her ovary. But a few days later, the teenager started to suffer from stomach pain. She was therefore operated on again urgently on May 16th. It was during this second operation that the medical error was made, reports France Bleu.

After the operation she regained little consciousness then she fell asleep again. She hasn’t woken up since. Alison actually received 10 times too much insulin during the procedure. “The explanation they gave me was that the anesthesiologist made a computer error, he typed on the keyboard and it made two zeros instead of one. They told me that a diabetic who wanted to kill himself injects this dose,”explains Alison’s mother.



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