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Clogged trench outside Port

PORT:  Home-porting has restarted on St. Maarten and the island has seen the return of cruise passengers after some 15 months of stoppage due to the COVID-19-related measures. While other parts of the country have received some sprucing up, this trench right next to Port St. Maarten is in a terrible state.

The sad part about this eyesore is that cruisers are not the ones it affects the most. Those affected are island residents who walk along the trench daily for exercise or to head to work or to their homes.  Several public calls about the state of the area have been made by residents to no avail.

Another major concern is the trench is still clogged even though it is the second week into the annual Atlantic Hurricane Season. The blockage of the trench is caused by weeds, litter and other debris. It is hoped that the responsible agencies will clean up the trench.



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