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Acceleration of Corporate Governance plan at airport

AIRPORT: Princess Juliana International Airport Operating and Holding Company were part of an information session on the introduction of the Corporate Governance Improvement Plan for the airport.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs opened the session  virtually from the Netherlands. She emphasized the value of good governance now and in the future.

Implementation Team members Notary Miguel Alexander and Professor Kunneman, both experts in the area of corporate governance, provided insight into the improvement plan, its implementation, and achieved milestones.

Follow-up sessions with PJIAE, PJIAH and the implementation team will be scheduled to cover specific elements of the improvement plan.

The implementation plan for the airport is one of the items in the country packages known as B15. This plan stipulates the steps, decisions, and actions that must be taken to improve the corporate governance structure of the airport.

The improvement plan, approved in the first quarter in 2021, found its basis in the Corporate Governance Assessment Report issued by the World Bank upon request of the Steering Committee of the Sint Maarten Recovery, Reconstruction, and Resilience Trust Fund.

A similar information session will be scheduled for the Corporate Governance Council.



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