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A house on water

BRITTANY: This high-tech “James Bond” inspired “water lily” could be the floating habitat of tomorrow. Mobile, green and therefore futuristic. Invented in Brittany, it has already won over certain hotel groups.

It is a dodecagonal capsule, covered with a dome. It is classified as a boat (category C) but is above all akin to a peacefully nomadic loft. Imagined by Jean-Michel Ducancelle, naval architect and navigator, Anthénea is the fruit of his love at first sight for the mechanical octopus in “The spy who loved me” but also draws inspiration from the famous bubble villa of Cardin (which Jean-Michel Ducancelle participated).

The interior is spherical and refined, like a seashell. Under the dome is a living space and glazed over 360 degrees. The sofa, placed opposite the transparent submerged walls, is a clever underwater observatory. The closest neighbors are therefore the fish. Already, hotel groups have placed orders for tropical waters (Four Seasons Maldives, they say) of a set of non-navigable models. Count between 800 and 2,000 euros per night.

Equipped with five solar panels, this traveling jellyfish has three to six days of autonomy, but it will become unlimited in a future version. The Electro Scan system treats and purifies wastewater. Anthénea produces what it consumes and only rejects clean water. The air conditioning is done naturally by the central well. The dream anti-Covid solution! At each alert, we confine ourselves in our capsule, we drift away from the tumult, we fix the mooring line with an ecological screw and we wait for it to pass. Surrounded by spray and fish.



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