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China debutes 400-MPH ‘Super Bullet’ Maglev Train

CHENGDU: A team of Chinese scientists have unveiled the prototype of a magnetic levitation train that can travel at up to 620 km/h. Its design is part of Beijing’s drive to connect cities more quickly.

In 2015, the Chinese company CRRC began the design of a magnetic levitation train. The prototype was finally presented by a team of Chinese scientists in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

This magnetic levitation train, also called Maglev, does not run on wheels but on a magnetically controlled air cushion. This technology will allow the train to travel at 620 km/h or even faster. Engineers have suggested that it could eventually reach a speed of 800 km/h. By way of comparison, the Hyperloop, the train that operates by a system of capsule that moves in a tube under vacuum of air, should eventually reach the 1200 km/h. This is at least the will of Elon Musk who imagined such a means of transport.



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