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Over 3,200lbs of trash collected from Mullet Bay Beach

MULLET BAY: Volunteers collected nearly 1,900 pounds of trash in a May clean-up at Mullet Bay Beach. Only a month before this, 1,470 pounds/660 kilos were gathered at the same location. In total, over 3,270 pounds/1,483 kilos of trash were collected in this two-month period.

Face masks, beer caps, plastic cups, straws and bottles were common items found on the island’s beaches.

Volunteers, including some from CC1 St. Maarten and Environmental Protection in the Caribbean, aided in the May cleanup. Reusable burlap sacks, provided by the Nature Foundation, were used to hold trash.

Mullet Bay is a popular site for parties and other social gatherings, leaving behind a large mess created by both residents and visitors.

Researchers and psychologists believe individuals are more inclined to litter in areas that are already soiled. This reasoning may explain why Mullet Bay generally has more trash despite the many trash cans. When an area appears pristine and clear of debris, people are less likely to be the ones to spoil it by littering.

Nature Foundation reminds all beach users to show love for the island and community by disposing of their garbage properly and not litter the beaches.



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