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Clean Saint Martin seeks to help nature

GRAND CASE: A love of nature, a desire to act, and a good dose of joie de vivre brought together  Clean Saint Martin volunteers for a recent hike and removal debris from the island’s shoreline. The most recent one was held on May 16 along the northern coast of Grand Case.

This association organizes a monthly eco-citizen cleaning operation. This month’s was tough, but worth it.

After crossing a rocky part of the shoreline, volunteers arrived at a pebble beach where lot of debris since Hurricane Irma was still present. Everything was piled in a large heap; after which volunteers took a hike up from the shore to admire Creole Rock and its environs.

The debris was then lugged to Petite Plage and then onwards for proper disposal. It was quite a trek for volunteers, but they were strong and determined in the face of the rocks, craggy shoreline, and distance.  “We sweated well! The small splash of end in Petite Plage was more than welcome,” according to the organisers.

All involved in the hike and cleanup are thanked you for the effort. “To go through natural spaces on our small rock of  93 km2 without having the glance which regularly bumps on waste, yes it is still possible.”



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