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Congratulations Desiree!

May 15 – 18
Desiree Winkel has made the final attempt to get to the summit of Island Peak, Nepal!

By the time she reached Chhunkung – 4730m high – the cold was getting to Desiree – to prevent sinus and sore throat she had been carefully wrapping her face in her scarf. Breathing at that altitude is already hard.

Feeling fit and positive she has been checking her oxygen levels and has no headaches or fatigue.

They practiced climbing and repelling the sides of the mountain.
They slept in huts until basecamp where they sleep in tents.  

They eat mostly Dahl Bhat, Nepalese rice and lentils. Sherpas do the cooking.

May 22 – 23

They started from basecamp at midnight; the plan – see the sun rise from the summit!

Congratulations to Desiree who, against all odds walked and climbed her way from Namche, Bazar, Nepal to base camp at Island Peak.

As planned, starting at midnight Desiree and her guide started the final push but just 289 meters from the summit Desiree began suffering from a serious case of altitude sickness.  Altitude sickness is not something to play around with and so the decision was made to see the sun come up, then make their descent.

We are very proud of our St, Maartener who has made this journey to 5900m dealing with all that came her way.

Safe travels on your return to our island paradise.



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