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Litter cleared from Cultural Center parking

PHILIPSBURG: Garbage and mounds of fallen leaves were recently cleared from the parking lot of Philipsburg Community and Cultural Center by the Windward Islands Bank (WIB) Goodwill Crew.

The littered area was a severe eyesore for pedestrians traversing through the parking lot and alleyway separating Cannegieter Street and Back Street. The parking lot sits across from WIB so its state sparked the WIB Goodwill Crew into action.

A total of 14 bags of garbage was collected by the group of volunteers and disposed of properly at the landfill.

WIB Goodwill Crew encourages the public not to litter and to throw their trash in bins rather than on the street.

Litter on the streets of Dutch side’s capital continues to be an issue as residents, visitors and businesses sometimes bypass bins to leave garbage on the street side or next to bins, instead of in the trash receptacles. 



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