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VERDE-SXM to get rid of abandoned vehicles

As part of the new market for the collection and removal of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) launched by the local authority, VERDE-SXM receives the ELVscollected on the roadside in order to dismantle and process them.

VERDE receives the vehiclesat a specific workshop on the site, and thenbegins the vehicledepollutionoperation: extraction of the airbags and of the variousfluids.

“At the end of this stage, our teams separate the rims and tires using a tire changer. Finally, weextract all the recyclable materials… In total, ittakes more thantwohours of work to process an entirevehicle,” explains the VERDE-SXM manager.

On eachvehicle, manyrecoverablewastes can stillberecovered, reused or directedtowardsspecifictreatment channels: metals, tires, oil change, plastics, glass, batteries, WEEE, cableharnesses, etc.

Last step? Compacting the carcasses with the new scrap metal press, which will allow them to be sent to be used as raw materials for the metallurgical industry.



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