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Mountain Climbing

Our intrepid climber has reached Namche Bazar after her 4-day hike. Had flights not been cancelled she would be there already.

May 9

4 days hike ongoing – 2 days of walking for hours, sometimes 2 – 3 hours downhill, then 3- 4 hours uphill, it is a slog. Along the way the nature is beautiful. The sights and sounds are extraordinary.

For all the dog lovers in the world – people in Nepal are great to dogs; not a skinny or sick dog in sight!

May 11

Nepal memories will always be with the sound of bells. Pack animals are festooned with bells that jingle in the thin mountain air.

“Hiking in Nepal is fraught with dangers, slippery, muddy paths filled with donkey poop on the very edge of precipice!”

There are NO roads – no cars – no scooters!!!!!! Everything has been transported by porters and pack-animals – donkeys and yaks!

May 12

After a final 7 hours straight slog Desiree, her guide and the porter, have made it to Namche Bazar at 3400m above sea level! Nearly 4 years since her last visit there.

It is cold!

Desiree feels strong and fit after having hard a few days of feeling bad.

There is another 3000m to go to reach base camp

After a couple days rest, taking 2-hour acclimatization walks they were off again.

Then the real test begins!



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