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Standing ovation for dance show

ORIENT BAY: There is a lot of lightness in Peggy Oulerich’s dance show, but also a lot of substance. The dancers follow the pattern set by the choreographer with strength, enthusiasm and passion, seducing the audience with such beauty.

It is the dance of life, an intertwining of bodies that knot, untie, touch, pull apart, rise and find each other again with renewed vigour.
The dancers are tender and the teenagers dressed in white are delicate. They speak to us, with Peggy’s powerful voice in the background, of a feminine future, not in the sense of ‘feminist’, but in the sense of non-violence, of balance, of openness, of infinite possibilities.

It’s almost touching to see how much passion Peggy brings to this work. You can feel the energy, the love, the attention to detail, the need to convey a strong message: “without creativity, without love for oneself and for others, we will never change anything”.  And finally, a spark, the love of dance and of a small island, the “navel of the world”, offer us this magnificent result which, with Peggy’s charisma and power, transforms the audience present and takes them into an “other” dimension, “into her intermediate world”, where we are all children because we are able to find this childish and carefree dimension and give the best of ourselves.

“Every creative adult is a surviving child”, concluded Peggy.

Beautiful music, beautiful costumes, remarkable choreography.

Congratulations to the dancers of all ages who gave their all and received a standing ovation.



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