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Don’t Dump – Donate

Recycle Art SXM – Free up our landfill / one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

If you have any materials that you have no use for anymore, think of donating to Recycle Art SXM.

They will collect said materials and turn what you think is perfect to be dumped into a multitude of beautiful recycled art.


Wooden Beams; Galvanized Roof Sheets; License Plates; Plywood; Banners; Wooden Furniture; Their imagination gets going with your throw-outs.

Recycled Art SXM will collect your materials.
Give them a call via phone, whatsapp, or private message them on Face Book / Recycle Art SXM: +17215548737

“Recycle Art SXM seeks to advance a creative and vibrant cradle to cradle economy.”

 Their aim is to contribute to a more sustainable society both environmental and social. Reducing waste, by collecting and reusing what might otherwise end up at the landfill. The program creates jobs, training and volunteering opportunities for people marginalized from the labour market.

This benefits the people, the environment and our visitors with a range of quality sustainable home and lifestyle products made from recycled materials.



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